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Resintech SIR-900 Selective Media for Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead Removal (13 oz.)

Resintech SIR-900 Selective Media for Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead Removal (13 oz.)
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Product Description

Resintech SIR-900 is a high capacity synthetic absorbent media that is highly selective for lead, arsenic, and fluoride. The extremely high surface area and pore distribution gives this media the highest possible operating capacity and lowest possible leakage.

Features and benefits:

  • Synthetic aluminum oxide that is specifically processed to have a minimum of fines and other foreign matter
  • Removes metals through a combination of adsorption and chemical reaction with the media, thus the removal is not dependent on ion exchange
  • Uniform particle size similar to ion exchange resins
  • Minimal shrinkage and low pressure loss
  • Physically stable and can be used over a wide pH range

Arsenic Removal

  • Inorganic arsenic (arsenite and arsenate) can be removed by Resintech SIR-900. The process is very pH sensitive and capacity decreases rapidly when the pH is below 5.5 or above 6.0. Arsenite is not removed nearly as well as arsenate; therefore, prechlorination to convert arsenite to arsenate may be required. Arsenic removal is also affected by temperature and by the TDS of the feedwater. Increasing temperature increases capacity while increasing TDS decreases capacity.

Fluoride Removal

  • Fluoride is removed by Resintech SIR-900 by a chemical reaction with the media. The process is flow and pH sensitive. The best results are obtained when the flow is limited to about 1 GPM/cu.ft. and the pH is held at 5.5 Higher flows and higher or lower pH causes a significant loss of capacity. The best capacity obtainable is approximately .2 lbs. per cu.ft. Leakage of fluoride is generally less than .1 mg./L to breakthrough.
  • Regeneration can be accomplished using 3-4 lb./cu.ft. of 2-4% sodium hydroxide over 20-30 minutes, followed by neutralization with acid to a pH of 5-6.

Lead Removal

  • Dissolved lead is adsorbed by Resintech SIR-900 and is not normally regenerable. Capacity for lead is at least .4 lb. per cu. ft. while maintaining greater than 98% lead removal. This process is not dramatically affected by flow rate, temperature, or TDS. However, pH should be maintained above 6.0 as lead removal drops under acidic conditions and below 10 as lead precipitates under basic conditions.