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2.5" x 20" Hard Water Filter Replacement Set

2.5" x 20" Hard Water Filter Replacement Set
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Product Description

1st Stage Sediment Filter - Our 10 micron sediment filter utilizes high quality polypropylene for multi-stage sediment and dirt filtration. These Hydronix Sediment Depth Cartridges are available in many sizes (1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 microns) and are most commonly used as the first stage of filtration in our multi-stage filtration systems.

2nd Stage KDF 55/GAC Filter - Our KDF 55/GAC custom combination filter cartridge utilizes high quality media for excellent removal of chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, taste, odor, pharmaceuticals, and more from your water supply.

3rd Stage 10 Micron Carbon Block Filter - Our 10 micron carbon block utilizes a block of high quality carbon that acts as a polishing chlorine/taste/odor/particulate filter.

2.5" x 20" Filter Specifications:

Flow Rate: 1-2 gpm
Operating Temperature: 33 - 100°F (0.6°C - 38°C)
Min Operating Pressure: 45 psi
Max Operating Pressure: 70 psi
Estimated Filter Life: 9 months or 1,000 gallons