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Doulton W9377001 LP2+S Gravity Water Filter System

Doulton W9377001 LP2+S Gravity Water Filter System
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Product Description

Great for outdoors, emergency use, or as an alternative to high energy cost water filtration systems/solutions. This Doulton Gravity system is made with foodgrade BPA, leach free plastic. It is both lightweight and collapsible for easy transportation. The system comes with two Super Sterasyl ceramic candles, which are able to filter to 0.5 microns and remove 99.99% of common water contaminants such as bacteria, cysts, and sediment.

  • The W9377001 Gravity Filter System fits all Doulton long mount filter candles.
  • Gravity system housing is made of foodgrade BPA free plastic
  • Lightweight and portable for easy transportation
  • Large 2.5 gallon reservoir
  • Includes Gravity Filter System Assembly and Two Ceramic SuperSterasyl Candles

The Doulton LP2 is a standalone gravity filter system. It is made of a durable food grade, BPA free plastic and holds (2) 7" Doulton SuperSterasyl filters which are included with the unit.

The system consists of an upper chamber and lower chamber. The ceramic filters are installed in the upper chamber.

Water is poured in the top chamber and is filtered through the ceramic filters. The filtered water is stored in the lower chamber, which holds 2.5 gallons.

The top chamber fits inside the lower chamber for easy transport.