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BevGuard BGE-3200S Replacement for Everpure H-104 H-100

BevGuard BGE-3200S Replacement for Everpure H-104 H-100
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Product Description

Introducing the innovative BevGuard® water filters that are designed specifically for the beverage and food service industry. They provide a high performance yet economical alternative to expensive Cuno* and Everpure** replacement filters.

Please note these filters may be longer than your current Everpure filter - the BevGuard 3200S is 17 inches long. If you require a shorter filter, we carry other Omnipure options which are shorter and provide similar filtration. Contact us with any questions!

Since water is the key component of the beverages that you dispense, water quality is surely a major consideration in your food service equipment strategy. BevGuard® provides superior filtration performance, and it does so cost effectively. BevGuard® water filters can be used in many systems that use brands such as Cuno* or Everpure** examples include...

  • A single filter cartridge system encapsulated in a plastic or metal housing
  • A multi stage filter system for high flow applications

Like competitive filters, these filters, of course, should not be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before and/or after the filter. BevGuard® has been tested by the manufacturer against ANSI/NSF Standard 42 for material requirements only.

The inclusion of the BevGuard® products will comprehensively satisfy all of your beverage and food service requirements, and it will do so most cost effectively!


  • Everpure®:
    4K Plus
    OW 200L

Filtration Type:

Carbon Block Phosphate

Micron Rating:

1 micron

Flow Rate:

2.1 gpm/7.95 lpm


12 months, 14K gal, 53K liter

Everpure® is a registered trademark of Everpure Inc. Northbrook, IL.