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6 Pack Whirlpool 4396510 Replacement Filter by Water Sentinel WSW-2

6 Pack Whirlpool 4396510 Replacement Filter by Water Sentinel WSW-2
Item# 6-pack-whirlpool-4396510-replacement-filter-by-water-sent643965102
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Product Description

The Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 4396510 is the new, improved filter for Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators with easy access through the front base grille.

This is the "Ultimate" model; an upgrade from the Whirlpool 4396508 filter.

This filter replaces:

Whirlpool: 4396508P 4396510 4392857 4392857R 4396918 4396562 4396563 2200203 2203220 2203980 2305766 2305767 2305768 2255518 2186444 WF-NL240V WFNL240V NL240V WF-NL240 WFNL240 NL240 WF-NL300 WFNL300 NL300 WF-L400V WFL400V L400V WF-L400 WFL400 L400 WF-L500 WFL500 L500

KitchenAid: 4396547 4396163 4396509 4396509P

Sears / Kenmore: 9010 46-9902 469902 9902 9902P 04609902000 46-9908 469908 9908 9908P 04609908000

These filters are proudly MADE IN THE USA and are in stock for IMMEDIATE delivery!

These filters were designed and engineered by Water Treatment professionals who understand water filtration products and who designed and created many of the filters you see in the market today. Please see our feedback rating and review our customers' comments.

Guaranteed to fit by the manufacturer and will provide clean, clear, great tasting water for you and your entire family.

These filters come in a beautiful retail box which is sealed by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of the filters as they are shipped to you. The retail box is suitable for retail sales and includes a barcode. Also included in the box is a date label to use to properly date the filter as you install it. Also included is an installation instruction sheet. The filter also is protected with a sanitary sticker and the retail box which is designed to ensure your product arrives safe, sound and in perfect condition.

The compatible replacement filter is designed to give you similar or better performance than the original version it replaces. The materials used are of the highest quality. The internal filtration element used is one that is designed to provide the longest life as well as the highest amount of simple dirt holding capacity available. Additionally the manufacturer has tested this unit to ANSI/NSF standard 42 for performance. This filter will provide hundreds of gallons of great tasting, crystal clear water!